Our mission is simple: to assist each individual kid / Youth in achieving their personal goals by implementing a comprehensive strength & conditioning program, driven by scientifically proven training methods, with an emphasis on injury reduction. We use a systematic approach of development in strength, running mechanics, mobility, flexibility. functional core work, power, speed and nutrition.



  • Long term development with professional guidance

  • Working to improve all aspects of S&C

  • Improved running style

  • Increased strength in a progressive manner

  • Speed/Power development

  • Functional movement mobility/flexibility

  • Core development 

  • Injury prevention

  • Body awareness 

  • Self Confidence 

  • Nutrition guidance

Getting Started

All Kids / Youth train with us all year long. We work in a group setting but individualize the sessions for each Teen participant depending on their needs. 

Training Days/Times

This will depend on the Kids / Youth  specific goals & weekly calendar.  We run weekly classes all year long. This will be set once we have your program up and running.   

Classes are held in our 2 gym locations, Claregalway & Oranmore. you can use your class  pass to go to any of these locations.

All Teens must use our booking system each time they want to go to attend.

Fill in form below and we will call you  to discuss which package suits you