15-19yr Young Athlete 

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Training Schedule

Mon & Weds 8pm
Sports Academy Oranmore

Starts Monday 4th October

5 Week Blocks
Can join in anytime

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Develop Strength - Power - Speed - Quickness

Speed and agility are essential for success in almost every sport. While genetics determine an athlete’s potential for speed and quickness, the nurturing of those innate abilities determines how closely the athlete reaches peak potential.

Both speed and agility are significant components linked to a functional training program. Optimizing speed and quickness requires improving strength, power, mobility, balance, coordination, and technique—all of which develop slowly over time. 

At Sports Academy we help each young athlete develop these qualities in a progressive manner. This in return will lead to better gains in Strength, Power,  Speed & Quickness.

Each Athlete will complete our intro physical tests. This will give us a better understanding of the athletes strengths & Weaknesses. We can then put better plans in place to help the athlete develop safely and efficiently. 

Training sessions are group based but programs will vary to suit each individual. 

We work with athletes from all sports that are looking to improve their all round performance whether on the track pitch, court or ring. 

Once you click Sign Up Button you will be taken to our sign up form. From their you will have a choice to book either one or two sessions per week.

Make sure you click on Athletic Performance 15+ yrs

1 session per week for  5 weeks = €50

2 Sessions per Week for 5 weeks = €90

Please Note

* You can only book one athlete with each email, this is to allow booking into class

* All payments are recurring every 5 weeks. If you need to cancel please let us know 1 week in advance 

* Classes don't carry over from each 5 week term