Whether you strive for sustainable health and fitness, to recover quickly from injury or illness, to achieve higher performance in your chosen sport or simply to achieve that dramatically improved body then you cannot choose better than to train with our Personal Trainings.

You do not need to be a member of sports academy to select one of our Exclusive Personal Training packages. Your chosen package will include access to our open gym for extra sessions and to train with one of the very best Personal Trainers in Galway.


Bronze Package

4 x per month

Offering expert training for the time poor, this package is ideal for those who are committed to training on their own but lack direction or have hit a plateau. You will have one personal training session per week with your prescribed trainer and a training plan to work on between sessions.

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8-12 X per moNTH

From lifestyle changes to physique improvements, your prescribed trainer will tailor your programme every step of the way. You'll receive full support that goes beyond the physical session. This is the ideal package for those wanting to get results whilst fitting training into a busy schedule.


16 sessions per month

Those with more specific goals may require more coaching time with us; from sports performance, muscle-gain and fat-loss; to improving movement and forming new habits. Those who commit to this more intensive package will achieve quicker results with our over-arching ethos of sustainability in mind.